There are roughly 9 of us that race or have something to do with XETEX Racing. The family: Charles and Martha Greenlaw, Aaryn and Annie (Greenlaw)Perry , Scott Greenlaw, and James Greenlaw. Add in some excellent friends: Jim Best, Justin Baas, and Les Hilgers. Put us all together and you have the makings of a totally non-profit race team; It's true, we haven't made a dime.

We all started racing slowly together. Charles and Jim G. started racing Martha's 1932 Ford 5-window. You can read about their "exploits' in the RACING section of this website under El Mirage. Charles always had the dream of running the mustang to unheard of speeds, but you have to start somewhere... The rest of us started coming out to race in 2004 when Charles decided to test his new Mustang racecar on the salt at the Bonneville Speedway.

So Where Do We All Live?
Charles and Martha Greenlaw live in Seguin, TX and the racecars reside there as well during the off-season. They are members of the San Diego Roadster Club (SDRC), which is a member club of the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA), and members of the New Braunfels Area Car Club, a local club.

James Greenlaw lives in Seguin also, with his wife Emily and their 2 kids, Zoee and Deegan. They recently moved here from Showlow, AZ.

Scott Greenlaw recently moved from Northern California back to Baltimore MD with his wife, Johanna, and their two sons -- Adam and Zack. He is still in the Coast Guard.

Annie (Greenlaw) and Aaryn Perry have vacated our nation for foreign shores. They live in China in a place called Tianjen Economic Development Area (TEDA). You can read more about them at their Blog Site (see CHINA). They seem to be having a great time so far. They recently welcomed their first child, Piper Beatrice, who was born in Beijing in March.