Wideband High-resolution Acoustic Profiling System

This system was originally developed for Tim Cowles at Oregon State University for use in his thin layers work. He needed a sensor that would rapidly estimate zooplankton abundance and output a value that could be logged with all of the other sensor data he was taking on a slow-drop package he deployed at sea. We came up with WHAPS as an answer. Rather than describe the system here, take a look on the download page at the paper we gave at the ASA meeting in 1996.

This WHAPS was lost at sea on it's maiden voyage. This is not as uncommon as one might think. When I first arrived at OSU in 1975, the talk around the school was of an expensive gizmo that had come off the wire on it's first deployment and was now lost off Newport. Can't remember if it ever came back. They usually don't.

I re-visited WHAPS for the Monterey Bay work of 2005-6. I'll put some information on these on this site in the near future. Probably.