These are the text files of the operating code for TAPS-6 New Generation. Click on a file name to download the file.
This code is written to the Flash memory on the CPU chip itself. It runs on startup and checks RAM for certain code values showing that a program exists. This program also lets you select another operating mode if desired and loads that program from CF-RAM to program RAM.
This is the standard CAST mode for TAPS
This code turns CAST mode TAPS into a chatterbox -- it starts taking data and outputs the results of each ping set on the serial I/O lines.
This is the SOUNDER mode code with no TVG applied
This code operates like CAST mode but saves raw echo amplitudes on every ping. Useful for statistical analysis of backscattering data.
This code runs SOUNDER mode with an external datalogger used to start data collection and to store the resulting data
This code contains numerous test routines for checking various circuits on TAPS